the Pursuit

From the perfect husband, 

My heart drifts far away

To places I’m ashamed of

To pleasures my flesh craves

Instead of leaning closer

On the One who fully loves

I lean into my demons

That remind me I’m not enough

I stay there til I’m desperate

Til all my my hope is gone

All I see is darkness

Left praying for the dawn

I know I can’t produce it

My lust runs too deep

And my demons cannot help me

Their love is far too cheap

I can’t even cry out

My voice is masked by tears

Why did I leave my husband?

To marry all my fears

Lost in the wilderness of my soul

Suddenly I see light

Who approaches gently?

And penetrates the night.

My Savior stands before me

My husband has returned!

He lifts my fallen head

And speaks to me this word:

My love stretches farther 

Than your heart could ever go

My mercy flows more strongly

Than your mind can ever know

Come with me to safety,

Here, take my hand!

I’ll lead you and protect you

On my blood, you will stand

He allured me with His grace

With words so meek and mild

Not because of my worth

But because He loves His child

My heart is prone to wander

Of this, I am sure

His heart is my salvation

In this, I am secure

— Charis Bauman